How to Practice
The structure of the lesson is the plan for practicing.

1) Establish good posture.

Stand correctly. Hold the violin on your shoulder with your chin. Hold the bow with correct thumb and pinkie.  Maintain good posture while you practice.


2) Tonalization.

Build strong vibrations. Cultivate the sympathetic vibrations.


3) Review.

When you play your old songs better, your new songs will sound better too. Learning new songs will be easier if your old songs don’t get rusty. Pick one song every week for extra concentration.  Try to play it perfectly at least once every day.


4) New songs.

Use your ears to learn new songs. Listen to the CD, listen to your new song OVER and OVER and OVER. Sing or hum the new song before you try to play it on the violin.



Every day, try to remember what you did in your lesson, and then repeat all those things.


If you haven’t played it 10 times, then you haven’t practiced.  Play every song OVER and OVER and OVER again.  If you can’t play each song 10 times, then play each song three times.   If you play a piece three times everyday, then I will notice a tremendous improvement at your next lesson.

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