Stand up straight with relaxed knees. 

Hold the violin on the shoulder, with the chin or jaw.   The violin should be held to the left side, not out in front.  The student should turn their head to their left in order to hold the violin.

The violin hand should be the “Ape Hand with a V”, that is, the hand is straight from the fore-arm through the wrist, and straight through the first knuckles where the fingers join the hand.  The thumb should be banana shaped, close to the base of the index finger, making the shape of a V.  The violin sits on top of the V.  

The student should not grip tightly either the bow or the neck of the instrument.    Both hands should be relaxed.

Straight Bow

How to Hold the Bow CORRECTLY!

Examples of good posture: 

Little kids should look and sound like this!

Eleven years old, with EXCELLENT POSTURE !!!

Straight Bow and Strong Vibrations

Jascha Heifetz plays Paganini

Yehudi Menuhin plays Paganini with EXCELLENT POSTURE!

Another GOOD POSTURE PAGE! with photos.

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