Awesome mash-up video…    Paul Dateh plays Gaga, Ke$ha, Rihanna, and Usher  …submitted to by Sonja!

This video, Chang plays Bruch, shows the intensity and excitement of playing in an orchestra. Notice the communication between the orchestra, soloist, and conductor. Notice how often the orchestra players are looking up at the conductor.

Chang plays Bruch, again. Better video, better audio. Watch closely.

Gavotte is COOL.

Funny Skits !!!

Adrian Anantawan plays Tchaikovsky

Inspiring message from Anantawan

Eugene Fodor plays Paganini

Nigel Kennedy plays Vivaldi

Daniel D – HipHop Violin

Black Violin – Hip Hop

Nuttin but Stringz – Hip Hop

Joshua Bell plays Beethoven Violin Concerto

Beethoven’s ODE to JOY, with English translation

Ode to Joy, short version

David Garret plays Metallica

Garrett plays Jackson

Hard Rock Girls !

Caitlin plays Cotton Eye Joe

AMAZING Eleven year old Zaria !

Texas Swing/Le Jazz Hot/Old Timey styles


Titanic theme, in key of G

The Ultimate Twinkle

Caveman Meets Cello

Anni Rossi demonstrates pizzicato.

Singing is Important

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