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July 1, 2008

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Daily Practice Checklist

1. Mississippi Steamboat or other Twinkle variation.

Why? Improve your bowing everyday. Up and down bows move from the elbow.  Don’t swing your arm from the shoulder.  To change strings, lift or lower the entire bow arm as one unit.  Practice this in front of the mirror.

2. Song of the Wind.

Why? Get better at doing two down bows, one after the other. Bring the bow back to the frog to start each new phrase with a down bow. The “staccato” in this song should sound cheerful and lively.

3. O Come Little Children

Why? Learn to play two up bows, one after the other. Play this song with smooth, long bow strokes.

4. Allegro

Why? Learn to play staccato and smooth bowing in same song. Look at the music, play staccato where there is a dot above the note. Play smooth notes where there is no dot.

5. Perpetual Motion

Why?  To INCREASE YOUR BRAIN POWER by memorizing advanced music. Then try all the different bowing styles with this song, staccato, smooth, and 16th notes.  Watch yourself in the mirror. Also practice the exercises for using the fourth finger.