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1/4 Sized Violin for The Two Grandmothers of Harlem Foundation

May 29, 2007

Viola Overhall/Customization

May 20, 2007

Step 9, Reshaping the button and neck. Underside of neck was uneven. Also removes unnecessary mass from the neck and neck root.

Steps 5, 6, 7, 8…. Regraduation completed, top plate reglued to body. Next, increase the scooped out area under the fingerboard. This will slightly reduce unnecessary mass of fingerboard. Also, gluing a chip back on to the button.

Step 4, Preliminary Shaping of Bassbar. It looks too tall…. yes, it’s about 2mm too tall…

Step 3, New Bar glued and clamped. The V shaped clamps slide tight before the glue sets.

Step 2, correct position for new bass bar. Plate has been graduated between 3mm and 3.7mm, with some 2.5mm around edge of lower bout.

Step 1, below.
Top plate removed. Bass bar angled too much inward at top. Lots of white glue around bass bar. Bass bar wood was course, with knots! Rotary sander markings on the plate. Thickness between 4mm and 5mm all over.